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Culinary Tourism
For Operators & Destination Partners

Attracting Culinary Tourists


Welcome to Attracting Culinary Tourists, an Elevating Canadian Experiences Webinar.

The goal of the webinar is to arm you with the information and tactics needed to attract culinary tourists to your destinations. This includes developing the ability to:

  • differentiate between culinary tourism and other forms of tourism, while identifying examples of culinary experiences relevant to your region;
  • describe the breadth and diversity of businesses involved in culinary tourism through deconstructing the culinary tourism value chain; and
  • explain to tourism operators and stakeholders why culinary tourism is a vital component in servicing the needs of travellers.

This webinar also teaches you how to:

  • distinguish between the various types of culinary tourists through an explanation of how the market segment has evolved;
  • define foodways and integrate them into existing value propositions to meet the expectations of culinary tourists;
  • identify opportunities to generate increased visitor demand through attracting culinary tourists; and
  • Apply best practices and grassroots marketing tactics when attracting culinary tourists.