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Culinary Tourism
For Operators & Destination Partners

Exceeding Expectations


Welcome to Exceeding Expectations, an Elevating Canadian Experiences webinar. The goal of the webinar is to arm you with the information and tactics needed to exceed visitor expectations of your culinary tourism offerings. This includes developing the ability to:

  • differentiate between culinary tourism and other forms of tourism, while identifying examples of culinary experiences relevant to your region;
  • describe the breadth and diversity of businesses involved in culinary tourism through deconstructing the culinary tourism value chain; and
  • explain to tourism operators and stakeholders why culinary tourism is a vital component in servicing the needs of travellers.

You’ll also be able to:

  • apply your understanding of visitor expectations and relevant tourism trends to deliver value through food & drink;
  • recognize that celebrating place through local cultures and cuisines improves the visitor experience;
  • localize your culinary tourism experience by drawing on successful examples from around the world; and
  • use culinary tourism storytelling to deliver intangible value to visitors.