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Developing Winter and Shoulder Season Tourism


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Embracing Canada’s Winter and Shoulder Season

Use this industry-expert developed toolkit to help you imagine new possibilities for your tourism experience. Re-envision how you can uncover the untapped possibilities of broadening the shoulders of your tourism season with valuable insights, worksheets, tips and strategies.

Because after all, this beautiful country we call home is not just about the summer. There’s an incredible wealth of experiences just waiting to be discovered. So, what are you waiting for… let’s do it!

Case Studies

Click on any location to below to explore examples from around the world and here in Canada for building successful winter and shoulder season tourism opportunities. Find these and other important insights in the National Toolkit for Developing Winter and Shoulder Season Tourism.

Download the Full Toolkit

Our industry experts have developed a toolkit offering valuable insights, worksheets, tips, tools and strategies to help you take advantage of previously untapped tourism opportunities. Download the toolkit today and let’s turn your great ideas into action!